Student Artwork


Ceramics Classes

Ceramics/Sculpture 1 A/B
0.5 credit per semester
Students learn basic hand-building techniques and glazing processes. Included are the composition and general characteristics of clay bodies, safe studio practices, craftmanship, and surveys of significant styles in pottery and ceramic sculpture. An introduction to the wheel may be presented. Ceramics 1B focuses on sculptural processes using a variety of materials and techniques. Writing and thinking skills are reinforced through journal writing.
Prerequisite: 6381 is prerequisite to 6391
Grade Level: 9 - 10 - 11 - 12

Ceramics/Sculpture 2 A/B
0.5 credit per semester
Students create original artwork inspired by natural and historically significant ceramic forms. Students study the formulation and firing characteristics of basic glazes, additional techniques for throwing on the pottery wheel, kiln theory, craftsmanship and safe studio practices. Students apply decoration techniques such as using overglazes, underglazes, and patina methods and learn to stack and monitor the kiln.
Prerequisite: Ceramics/Sculpture 1 A/B
Grade Level: 10 - 11 - 12